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12 DIY Indoor Hanging Planters to Beautify Your Home

Beautiful hanging planters can be expensive, so why not save money and make a couple of these DIY indoor hanging planters?

Using indoor hanging planters is the perfect way to add more space for your growing plant collection, especially if you’re running out of room on your windowsills and furniture.

Or, maybe you just want to get your plants up and out of the way of a rambunctious toddler! Hanging planters are also so useful if you have pets who like to dig in your planters, or if you have some plants that are potentially toxic to cats. Keep dangerous plants out of reach by hanging them high.

Here are twelve gorgeous DIY indoor hanging planter ideas that you can make using upcycled items, inexpensive craft store supplies, or even scraps of wood you might have hanging around from another DIY project.

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Elegant gold DIY hanging planter

Take a simple metal mixing bowl (this one’s from IKEA, but you can use any inexpensive bowl), and give it a new purpose with gold spray paint and some lightweight chain. This planter looks great with a trailing houseplant like pothos or heartleaf philodendron.

Hanging planter DIY from By Brittany Goldwyn. Full instructions here.

Minimalist hoop hanging planter

Make this simple hanging planter using floral hoops (you can even spray paint them any color to match your décor). Connect the hoops with wire, add a chain, and you have a minimalist hanging planter to display your favorite houseplant!

DIY hanging planter by Vintage Revivals. Full instructions here.

Cutting board hanging shelf

Another IKEA hack, this hanging shelf DIY transforms a simple wooden cutting board into a fun home for your plant. The tutorial uses jewelry string wrapped with yarn to make the hanger, but you could always use rope for a different look (or if you don’t feel like learning the macramé knots).

DIY hanging planter by Décor Lovin’. Full instructions here.

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Acrylic shelf hanging planter DIY

With just a couple of clear acrylic discs, some rope, and a drill, you can make this light-and-airy hanging planter shelf. I love how the plants look like they’re floating on air! For some added visual interest, attach wooden beads below the lower shelf.

DIY hanging planter by A Beautiful Mess. Full instructions here.

Wood slice hanging planter

This rustic hanging planter is so simple to make with just a wood slice and some twine. And you don’t need to be a lumberjack to make one—you can find wood slices on Amazon or at many craft stores.

DIY hanging planter by The Summery Umbrella. Full instructions here.

DIY hanging Boho planter

If you’re going for a boho aesthetic with the plants in your home, this DIY hanging planter will make a cute addition to your décor. Wrap decorative trim around an inexpensive plastic pot, and add some easy-to-make yarn pompoms and a tassel in your favorite color to complete the look.

DIY hanging planter by Lost Mom. Full instructions here.

Yarn-wrapped planter DIY

Wrap chunky yarn and cording in various thicknesses around a terracotta pot to make this textural wrapped planter. This is the perfect project to use up leftover yarn (or to actually use the yarn you bought for that knitting project you never got around to). No drilling is required to hang your pot—the hanging cord is hot-glued and hidden underneath the decorative yarn.

DIY hanging planter by Poppytalk. Full instructions here.

Indoor hanging plant box DIY

Do you have scrap wood leftover from another DIY project? Put it to use with this hanging plant box that you can install in a window or on the wall. Be sure to check out the link in the tutorial to also learn how to make the pictured over-the-window curtain rod shelf. It’s the perfect DIY solution if you don’t want to (or can’t) hang your project from the ceiling.

DIY hanging planter by KenyaRae. Full instructions here.

Three-tiered hanging planter box DIY

Want to make a hanging planter box that fits even more plants? This three-tiered planter can house lots of your favorite plants, and it looks great on a covered porch or in a sunroom. It’s easier to make than it looks—and there are full plans and a video included in the tutorial.

DIY hanging planter by Shanty 2 Chic. Full instructions here.

Hanging candy dish DIY planter

Anthropologie sells some seriously cute home goods, but their prices can be a bit…aspirational. Why not DIY this Anthro hanging candy dish planter at a fraction of the cost? This knockoff uses an inexpensive melamine bowl and leather (or synthetic) cord to make a planter for under $5.

DIY hanging planter by Shrimp Salad Circus. Full instructions here.

Multi-level plant swing

If you’re handy with a jigsaw, this multi-level hanging planter can fit lots of plants in a very small space! Depending on how tall your ceilings are, you can add or subtract levels to display as many plants as you’d like. Paint or stain the wooden pot holders to get a custom look for your planter.

DIY hanging planter by The Inspiration Board. Full instructions here.

Open diamond hanging planter

Another jigsaw project, these minimalist birch plywood hanging planters are easier to make than they might look! With the detailed plans provided, you should be able to make three of them in three hours for under $40. These would make a great gift for anyone who loves Scandinavian-inspired decorating.

DIY hanging planter by Deuce Cities Henhouse. Full instructions here.

Now that you have lots of ideas for DIY indoor hanging planters, do you want to add more houseplants to your collection? I don’t blame you! Check out these houseplant subscription boxes that deliver a new houseplant to your door each month.

Which of these DIY indoor hanging planters is your favorite project? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Holy cow, these are gorgeous! I’m so serious that I’ve never been one to want a hanging plant, but I am pinning this to refer back to. I think I’m obsessed with four of the first five pictures you posted. Now I’m looking all around my house for places they would fit, ha! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Sarah, I’m so glad you love the planter ideas! Happy to hear my post inspired you to incorporate hanging plants into your home décor :D

  2. I love growing plants! These indoor hanging planters are so awesome!

    1. Hi Matt, I’m glad you like my picks for DIY indoor hanging planters :) Happy growing!

  3. All of these planters are beautiful! You are inspiring me to make one of these. I must admit though that I am not the best at taking care of plants. I’m afraid it won’t last long.

    1. Hi Christine, there are several easy-care plants that are great for beginners or people who haven’t had much luck with plants in the past. I’d recommend trying a pothos (which looks really good in a hanging planter). For more ideas, I have a whole post on plants for beginners. Give one of them a try!

  4. These are lovely ideas! I especially love the hanging planter made out of a tree cross section. I’m a big fan of houseplants, so I’ll be trying some of these.

    1. Hi Colleen, isn’t that wood slice planter so cool? Have fun with your DIYs!

  5. I LOVE these ideas! I’m a huge fan of houseplants, but living in an NYC apartment, I don’t have a lot of space. These are great options.

    1. Hi Brianne, hanging planters are just perfect for small spaces :) Hope you can make some of these DIY projects to add more plants to your apartment!

  6. These DIY indoor hanging planters are fabulous! Especially the minimalist design and the DIY hanging planter boxes! Love, love, love!

    1. Hi Elizabeth, I’m so happy you love the hanging planter ideas! Hope you get to make your favorites :)

  7. Steven Morrissette says:

    Very nice indoor plant planter Ideas. My favorite is the three-tiered hanging planter box because it would look great in my living room.

    1. Hi Steven, that three-tiered planter is one of my favorites, too! It’s so perfect for adding lots of plants to an unused space :)

  8. I’ve discovered just last year that I have a green thumb and have been slowly expanding my plant collection. These are all gorgeous planters!

    1. Hi Emily, that’s fantastic! I bet some of your plants would look great in these DIY planters :D

  9. These are all such fun ideas! And a great way to have a plant hanging in front of a window.

    1. Hi Marysa, glad you like them! I love finding ways to position plants near a window without taking up too much windowsill space!

  10. I’m loving the diamond or Elegant gold DIY hanging planters! Our home is light in color with chrome and gold accents. These planters are perfect for our living room!

    1. Hi Ebony, that’s great! I bet they’ll both look amazing in your living room. :D

  11. Love these ideas. I want more plants in my home but hate sacrificing floor space. Never even thought of hanging them. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Angelica, I love how hanging planters beautify a room without taking up much space. I’m so happy you liked the post!

  12. Nnniiicccceeeee….I have fallen in love with the wood slice planter! If it’s not looking all natural for me, I may not pick it immediately….(haha)

    1. Hi Ntensibe, isn’t that wood slice planter so cool? Hope you’re able to give it a try.

  13. These are such gorgeous planters. Love all of them! The first one is so so cute. I am not into plants but I am inspired to try my hand.

    1. Hi Archana, I love that these DIY planters inspired you to give them a try. Maybe they’ll turn you into a plant person ;)

  14. jeena says:

    These indoor hanging planters are really amazing. Am also a gardener and I love all your ideas. Thank you so much for sharing this!

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