Image of roasted winter vegetables recipe
Recipes From the Garden

Delicious Recipes With Winter Vegetables

Cooking with in-season produce just makes sense, whether you’re an avid gardener or you support local growers at the farmer’s market. But finding delicious recipes with winter vegetables can be challenging! Although summertime is peak gardening season, and we all look forward to growing (or buying) ripe, juicy tomatoes, crisp bell peppers, and versatile summer …

fern in a DIY indoor hanging planter
Decorating With Plants

12 DIY Indoor Hanging Planters to Beautify Your Home

Beautiful hanging planters can be expensive, so why not save money and make a couple of these DIY indoor hanging planters? Using indoor hanging planters is the perfect way to add more space for your growing plant collection, especially if you’re running out of room on your windowsills and furniture. Or, maybe you just want …

Inspirational Houseplant Quotes
Houseplants Inspiration Plants

10 Inspirational Houseplant Quotes (With Photos)

Are you inspired by houseplant quotes? I sure am, so I’ve put together my ten very favorite ones to share with you and spark some joy! Caring for houseplants is such a rewarding hobby. Reading houseplant quotes always inspires me to take even better care of my plant babies, and remember how much enjoyment houseplants …

Festive Christmas Plants for Holiday Decorating
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15 Festive Christmas Plants for Holiday Decorating

Decorating your home for the holidays with houseplants is a festive way to bring cheer to your winter celebrations. Here are 15 beautiful Christmas plants to add to your holiday décor. When it comes to Christmas decorating, you probably think of spruce wreaths, kissing balls, and swags of greenery to brighten your home, along with …

How to Water Succulents in Containers
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How to Water Succulents in Containers

If you’re new to succulents, you’ll want to make sure you know how much and how often to water them. Here’s how to water succulents the right way. Succulents are a bit different than most houseplants, since they naturally thrive in drier conditions. These plants store water in their roots, stems and leaves, so they …

Create a Boho Aesthetic With Houseplants
Decorating With Plants Houseplants Plants

Create a Boho Aesthetic With Houseplants

Do you want to create a boho aesthetic in your home, with lots of houseplants? This warm, inviting style is perfect for plant lovers. You’ve probably noticed the look if you spend any time on Instagram or Pinterest. Boho’s cozy vibe is all over social media, and it almost always includes houseplants. Here’s how you …